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Accessibility and Inclusive Design Lab aims at enabling independent living and empowering persons with special needs by making the world more inclusive and accessible. It attempts to address the challenges that hamper independent and easy access to educational resources as well as information that facilitates navigation (both indoor and outdoor). This lab leverages the principles of human-centred design to create convenient and pleasant day-to-day experiences while solving problems particularly for persons with special needs.

We are an interdisciplinary team of researchers, engineers and designers who are passionately working towards research and projects in the domain of assistive technology, inclusive design and accessibility. Our process follows participatory design models and relies on human interaction and feedback at each step of the design thinking process. Right from identifying potential gaps and challenges through user and field research; design and development processes to deployment of potential solutions for user evaluation, our process is human centred.

We are also working on fundamental research on perceptual fundamentals of design which aims at understanding behavioural and cognitive precepts in information acquisition and learning through empirical research.




Dr. Richa Gupta
Principal Researcher
Piyush Sharma
Web Developer
Jasmine Kaur
Undergrad Researcher
Tanupriya Das
Undergrad Researcher
Ishika Joshi
Undergrad Researcher
Sambhav Jain
Undergrad Researcher
Kshitij Agarwal
Undergrad Researcher
Bhavya Chopra
Undergrad Researcher
Saarthak Tehlan
Undergrad Researcher
Raghul PK
Undergrad Researcher
Smera Goel
Undergrad Researcher
Aman Priyadarshi
Undergrad Researcher
Arunesh Singh
Undergrad Researcher
Sonali Singhal
Undergrad Researcher
Jayanthi Raghunathan
Undergrad Researcher
Shourya Pathak
Undergrad Researcher


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